POS Systems

Selecting the correct POS System is critical to the operation of any business. Cloud based or on-premise, Centrion will assist by identifying goals and develop a solution that will address your business needs. All POS systems come with a minimum one-year warranty.

Credit Card Processing or Secure Payment Processing

In addition to standard credit card processing, Centrion offers a Credit Card Surcharge Program. By charging customers a 3.5% fee for credit card processing purchases, you would virtually eliminate a forever business expense.

Web-Site Design

The lack of online visibility can ultimately determine rather or not a customer will visit your place of business and/or purchase your products. It will also give control over the image of your business and the opportunity to tell your story. From a one-page overview to a more elaborate full and extensive website, Centrion Service can assist your business in determining the best route for you.

Online Ordering

Nearly 75% of new customers visit a restaurant’s website before dining. Turn their visits into transactions with online ordering. Centrion Services will give your business the option to select from multiple vendors. Your unique needs will be identified, and a solution developed. Here are some of the many benefits of online ordering.
– Free up phone lines
– Additional revenue stream
– Lowers labor cost
– Access or attain revenue when closed
– Website visitors to new paying customers